Low Battery Cell Life Can Be Enhanced By Dialing *3370#.

We have heard every where the remedies to enhance battery life. There are so many written materials available on this subject “How to care for your batter”, Today we will let you know how can you use your cell long even in low battery position.

There is a hidden mechanism in mobile phone batteries, the batteries stores power in different cells in the power containers (Micro Fuel Cell System) which utilizes as per the mobile phone utilization most of the time during journey or in long electricity failure we face trouble of Low battery signals and right after a passing few minutes we loose all cells and our mobile phone gets powered off.
In such a case you can make your low batter life long by entering code *3370# and dial. The effect of code dialing will take power from the hidden container of your battery and you will be able to use your cell long even in low battery. When ever you will reach to the condition where you can recharge your cell the hidden container will also be charged as the normal battery containers. Keep reading to be updated


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